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About Gorakhpur

 The city of Gorakhpur has immense historical importance. Situated on the bank of river Rapti, it is named after the great saint Yogi Baba Gorakhnath, a follower of Nath Sampradyaya. The city is also known as the land of Lord Buddha and Sant Kabir. Kushinagar, the nirvana sthal of Lord Buddha is situated at 54 Km in the east and Maghar, the samadhi sthal of Sant Kabir is about 20 Km in the west of Gorakhpur. The famous Gorakhnath temple and Geeta Press are the main attractions of this city for tourists. The publications of Geeta Press, Gorakhpur are worldwide famous. Handloom and terracotta products attract the main attention of people. Besides this, Gorakhpur is the place of Munshi Premchand and Firaq Gorakhpuri who are well known in the field of literature. Gorakhpur also took active part in the Nation’s struggle for freedom. Chauri Chaura kand and Ram Prasad Bismil’s shahadat are known to everyone.

Gorakhpur city is well connected by rail and road from major cities of India. It is also connected to New Delhi by Air. The Nepal border is just 90 Km away from this city. The climate of Gorakhpur in March will be very pleasant. Nights may be slightly cool and hence light woollen clothes are required.